New Developments...


I believe that all creation has a purpose and right to participate with whatever it has to provide, regardless of its limitations. This includes soil life e.g. bacteria and micro organisms. I think that humans are mere "caretakers". We need to remain aware that, regardless of the price we’ve paid for the land or the animals in our possession, these are only a loans or gifts to be returned.

I believe that soil is sacred. And, as it happens, humans need all the minerals and bacterial flora within their intestinal system, which is exactly that which is found in healthy soil. Clearly, I disapprove of pesticides or any artificial chemicals for farming and agriculture.


In preserving this historic site, I would like to combine the build-up of fertile soil and biodiversity with an inspiration from concepts where nature is healing. The  live stock animals here can have first names because they are "friends and co-workers" to be used for the soil preparation (no machinery). They shall not be used for  meat production.

Time will show where this place is taking me...and maybe others...

(Photo  from the PDC in the UK.  Patrick Whitefield designed this course and is now carried on by Caroline Aitkin) Great course!