In 2015 I bought  a small farm (app 13 acre) in Hou, Mariager, Denmark and I now live here with my two children Michael (17), and Katrine (14). I have an engineering degree within energy technology and have worked within this field for many years. 

I acknowledge that I do not know much about farming. With this humble approach I am ready to observe, and learn and I hope that this allows for anything to happen that wants to happen. I have decided to call my particular approach for "Heartful gardening and farming". I am inspired by permaculture (ways of imitating nature) and natural farming (ways of leaving it to nature to decide)

I have discovered that there are "heartfull ways" to live and it coming alive through the "Heartfulness" meditation. Finding a way that allows for a connection to life in all its forms and the benefit it brings, has brought on this change in life for me.

Based on my experience and understandings so far I believe that this is also a way that leads to the shift in the paradigm that we (human beings) are "masters" of nature (and having a world of degradation) and instead  can be making a move towards becoming "caretakers" e.g. where we will become the "assistant" for regeneration, new fertility and life.

Although I hope to illustrate a different approach to life and farming, I do this simply because I want to live a life I enjoy and that I find meaningful.

If you based on what you have read here wish to make any comments, or wish to discuss any aspects of this, you are very welcome to make contact to me.



e-mail: soren@hou-haven.com